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Castellammarese War

Near the end of Prohibition the New York Mafia and to a smaller extent the whole American Mafia was involved in the famous "Castellammarese War" of 1930-31 which had the New York Castellammarese Clan and the mafiosi nationwide from Castellammare del Golfo and their supporters battling the New York crime family of Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria. Magaddino's fellow Castellammarese mafiosi led by powerful mafiosi, Salvatore Maranzano had become too wealthy, influential and independent for the liking of self-proclaimed "Boss of Bosses" Joe Masseria, who felt threatened by his rivals, and in 1930 a war erupted between the two factions. By the late 1920s a group of young, powerful and influential American bred mafiosi led by Charles "Lucky" Luciano and his closest associates had aligned themselves in New York and across the nation with the intention of re-organizing and re-structuring the American underworld on a national level without the participation of the old world Bosses, but in order to do so they would have to remove all the "Old Guard" Mafia leaders or "Mustache Petes" including Joe Masseria and Sal Maranzano.

The Castellammarese war began in the late 1920s and erupted into a nationwide conflict with the assassinations of Castellammarese leaders, Gaspar "The Peacemaker" Milazzo in Detroit on May 31, 1930 and Giuseppe "Joe" Aiello in Chicago on October 23, 1930. Buffalo Mafia Boss, Steve Magaddino sent $5,000 a week to New York in support of his allies while the same was done by Castellammarese leaders and supporters across the nation to help New York Castellammarese war chief, Salvatore Maranzano and his loyal underlings including Magaddino cousin and future New York Mafia Boss, Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno defeat Joe Masseria. On April 15, 1931 powerful New York Boss, Joe Masseria was assassinated by his Underboss, Lucky Luciano in a Coney Island restaurant. Then, on September 10, 1931, the next self-proclaimed "Boss of Bosses" Salvatore Maranzano was assassinated in his Manhattan business office by Lucky Luciano allies posing as IRS agents. This allowed Luciano to take control of the American Mafia and form a "Board of Directors" to govern Mafia affairs nationwide. Luciano and his fellow leaders placed the newly organized Mafia at the helm of the National Crime Syndicate. The American Mafia was given the name "La Cosa Nostra" by its members and the Mafia's ruling body was called the "Commission". Along with the leaders of the 5 New York crime families and the Chicago Outfit, the Buffalo crime family and its leader, Stefano Magaddino were given a seat on the Commission as a charter member. Some also believe that Cleveland crime family leader, Frank Milano was given a seat on the Commission.

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