Buenos Aires Provincial Police

The Buenos Aires Provincial Police (Spanish: Policía de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, informally Policía Bonaerense) is the police service responsible for policing the Province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

It is one of the biggest police services of Argentina, responsible for policing a province of over 15 million inhabitants, about 38% of Argentina's entire population. It is not, however, responsible for policing the Federal Capital district of Buenos Aires city, which is under the jurisdiction of the Argentine Federal Police and the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police.

The institution is usually referred to as Policía Bonaerense, where bonaerense is the demonym for the Province of Buenos Aires, in contrast with porteño, used for the inhabitants of the Buenos Aires city.

This police force is subordinate to the Provincial Ministry of Security headed by Minister Carlos Stornelli. The Chief of the force, Comisario General Juan Carlos Paggi, has the title of Superintendente General de Policia, which translates as Superintendent General of Police.

Seven members of the service were murdered in the first six months of 2009.

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