BTL may refer to:

  • Battle Creek (Amtrak station), Amtrak station code BTL
  • Belize Telecommunications Limited, a Belizean telecommunications company
  • Bell Telephone Laboratories, now known as Bell Labs
  • Better Than Life, a fictional video game in the Red Dwarf television series
  • Biomass to liquid, the process to synthesize liquid fuels from biomass
  • Boeing Toronto Limited, a former wholly owned component of Boeing
  • Bridge-tied load, an output configuration for amplifiers
  • Buy To Let, an investment strategy
  • Bachelor of Talmudic Law, a type of bachelor's degree
  • W. K. Kellogg Airport, IATA identifier BTL
  • Between the Lines Books, Canadian publisher
  • Bethel, Connecticut, a town

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Between The Lines Books
... Between the Lines Books (BTL) is an independent Toronto-based publisher of non-fiction, most of which offers a critical perspective on culture, economics, and society ... Since its inception in 1977, BTL has published approximately 250 titles of which more than half are maintained in print, including seminal works by ... Over the course of its history, BTL has published titles on politics, public policy, labour, critical race, international development, Indigenous peoples, gender and sexuality, history, health, adult and popular ...
Below The Line (advertising)
... Above the line (ATL), below the line (BTL), and through the line (TTL), in organizational business and marketing communications, are advertising techniques, or different ... while ATL communications use media that are broadcast and published to mass audiences, BTL communications use media that are more niche focused ... While both ATL and BTL communications can be used to either build brand awareness or drive sales through specific offers (promotions), it is BTL ...
Buy To Let - Buy-to-let Mortgages
... The interest rates and fees that are offered on BTL mortgages are, on average, slightly higher than those for an owner-occupied mortgage ... This is due to the perception amongst banks and other lending institutions that BTL mortgages represent a greater risk than residential owner-occupier ... popularity is the tax advantages that are available to UK BTL investors ...
Below The Line (advertising) - Through The Line
... In the TTL approach, a mix of ATL and BTL are used to integrate a marketer's efforts and optimize returns from these separate investments ... This switch in the TTL approach has shifted its emphasis more towards BTL ... on marketing budget spent by focusing one's energy on winning smaller yet more crucial BTL battles than ATL wars with well-funded competition ...