BT Research

BT Research is part of the BT Technology, Service & Operations division of BT Group, a provider of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries.

The organisation embodies an 'open innovation' approach, drawing on external resources such as partnerships with universities, suppliers, partners, customers and start-ups to complement the value of BT's internal research and innovation programme. BT Group is also a partner in collaborative research projects that are part of the UK's Technology Strategy Board programme, the EU Seventh Framework Programme, and the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.

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Recent Innovations From BT Research
2011 - BT Researchers working in collaboration with University research teams in the UK, US, China and Australia examined and reported on, how communications technology is changing how people live their lives, at. 2006 - BT implemented the world's first fully automated 'spam buster' system to track down and tackle professional spammers and 'botnet'-infected customers on the BT. 2002 - Research and development teams designed and deployed a suite of new business systems allowing the launch of the UK's first commercial broadband ...

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