BT Inspiration

The BT Inspiration is a PBX telephone switchboard made by Lake Communications of Ireland. It is also sold in Scandinavia and France under the name Doro ip500pbxw and is very similar to Pathway. The systemphones for Inspiration and Pathway look identical but they are not interchangeable.

The British Telecom Inspiration is flexible as it can also be used with standard telephones. However the more dedicated Featurephones you use, the easier it becomes to operate your system. One freedomphone on extension 20 is a minimum. The system features expansion up to 8 lines and 16 extensions, analogue or ISDN or a mixture of both; it supports Desktop ISDN and features like Call Transfer/Divert etc. and optional modules e.g. voicemail, door intercom, call manager and battery backup.

Optional menu driven Featurephone provides voicemail monitoring, directory access and is headset compatible. Supports standard analogue telephones. Freedomphone default password is 1111.

This switchboard is no longer sold by BT who now use BT Versatility.

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