Bromopentacarbonylrhenium(I) - Reactions


Bromopentacarbonylrhenium(I) is a useful intermediate to other rhenium complexes. For example, it reacts with zinc and acetic acid to give pentacarbonylhydridorhenium (ReH(CO)5).

Re(CO)5Br + Zn + HO2CCH3 → ReH(CO)5 + ZnBrO2CCH3

It also reacts with tetraethylammonium bromide in diglyme to give 2, an important precursor to compounds containing the rhenium tricarbonyl fragment.

Refluxing bromopentacarbonylrhenium(I) in water also provides access to the rhenium tricarbonyl fragment:

ReBr(CO)5 + 3 H2O → Br + 2 CO

This route avoids the formation of the tetraethylammonium bromide byproduct when the tetraethylammonium complex is used. This is desirable because the tetraethylammonium bromide is often difficult to remove from reaction mixtures.

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