Brittle Hair

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Sabinas Brittle Hair Syndrome - Characteristics
... Symptoms include brittle hair, mild mental retardation and nail dysplasia ... The principal biochemical features of the illness are reduced hair cystine levels, increased copper/zinc ratio, and presence of arginosuccinic acid in the blood and urine ... The key finding is brittle hair with low sulfur content, but alternating dark and light bands under polarizing microscopy, trichoschisis, and absent or defective cuticle are additional important clues for ...
IBIDS Syndrome
... with congenital ichthyosis, Tay syndrome or sulfur-deficient brittle hair syndrome, was first described by Tay in 1971 ... growth and mental retardation, progeria-like faces, and brittle hair ... The association of ichthyosis, brittle hair, intellectual impairment, decreased fertility, and short stature has been given the acronym IBIDS syndrome ...

Famous quotes containing the words hair and/or brittle:

    Say the woman is forty-four.
    Say she is five seven-and-a-half.
    Say her hair is stick color.
    Say her eyes are chameleon.
    Would you put her in a sack and bury her,
    suck her down into the dumb dirt?
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Weed, moss-weed,
    root tangled in sand,
    sea-iris, brittle flower.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)