British Malaya - Initial British Involvement in Malay Politics

Initial British Involvement in Malay Politics

The British first became involved with Malay politics in 1771, when Great Britain tried to set up trading posts in Penang, formerly a part of Kedah. The British colonized Singapore in 1819.

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British Malaya - Initial British Involvement in Malay Politics - Penang and Kedah
... In the mid-18th century, British firms could be found trading in the Malay Peninsula ... In April 1771, Jourdain, Sulivan and de Souza, a British firm based in Madras, India, sent Francis Light to meet the Sultan of Kedah, Muhammad Jiwa Shah ... Light, the Sultan agreed to allow the firm to build a trading post and to operate in Kedah, if the British agreed to protect Kedah from external threats ...

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