British Hardened Field Defences of World War II - Other Hardened Defences - Eared Pillbox

Eared Pillbox

Horizontal section at the level of the embrasures. Pillbox Type Eared. Note large embrasures with projecting boxes (grey) and small internal anti-ricochet wall. Also, two entrances, each facing in the same direction as the embrasures.

The eared pillbox is, like the lozenge pillbox, found only in the North East of England and has an irregular hexagon plan. There are two large embrasures intended for medium machine guns. There is a bulge at the base of the wall below the embrasures that is thought to have accommodated the cooling system for the machine gun. Internally, there is a short anti-ricochet wall.

The two embrasures are at 90° to each other giving an arc of fire of about 180° with no way to direct fire behind the pillbox. This design is frequently found on or near beaches — ideal for providing enfilading fire. There are two entrances with openings in the same direction as the embrasures.

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