Britannia Prima

Britannia Prima was one of the provinces of Roman Britain in existence by c. 312 AD. It was probably created as part of the administrative reforms of the Roman Emperor Diocletian after the defeat of the usurper Allectus by Constantius Chlorus in 296 AD. In the 3rd century, the Romans created Britannia Superior to separate southern Britain from militarized northern Britain. A century later, this region was further divided into four distinct provinces, namely Britannia Prima (Wales and the West Country), Britannia Secunda, Flavia Caesariensis, and Maxima Caesariensis. Hence, Britannia Prima was part of the four regions which made up the Diocese of Britain.

43-early 3rd c.
Capital Camulodunum
then Londinium
Britannia Inferior,
Early 3rd c. - 293,
capital at Eboracum
Britannia Superior
Early 3rd c. - 293,
capital at Londinium
Flavia Caesariensis,
capital Lindum
Britannia Secunda,
capital Eboracum
Maxima Caesariensis,
capital Londinium
Britannia Prima,
capital Corinium

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... and alterations made to the province of Britannia by the Roman government ... Britannia Prima had two legions, the Second Augusta at Caerleon and the Twentieth at Chester ... Of the four provinces in the Diocese of Britain, Britannia Prima was the largest, and it was generally focused on western England, with either Cirencester or Gloucester as the capital ...

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