Britannia Bridge

Britannia Bridge (Welsh: Pont Britannia) is a bridge across the Menai Strait between the island of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales. It was originally designed and built by Robert Stephenson as a tubular bridge of wrought iron rectangular box-section spans for carrying rail traffic. Following a fire in 1970 it was rebuilt as a two-tier steel truss arch bridge, carrying both road and rail traffic.

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Conwy Railway Bridge
... The Conwy Railway Bridge carries the North Wales coast railway line across the River Conwy between Llandudno Junction and the town of Conwy ... The wrought iron tubular bridge was built by Robert Stephenson to a design by William Fairbairn, and is similar in construction to Stephenson's other famous tubular bridge, the Britannia ... Being the first tubular bridge to be built, the design needed much testing on prototypes to confirm that it would be capable of carrying heavy locomotives, the testing being performed by Fairbairn ...
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... Very few other tubular iron bridges were ever built since more economical bridge designs were soon developed ... The most notable of the other tubular bridges were Stephenson's Conwy railway bridge between Llandudno Junction and Conwy, and Victoria Bridge across the Saint Lawrence River at Montreal ... The Conwy railway bridge remains in use, and is the only remaining tubular bridge however, intermediate piers have been added to strengthen it ...
Tubular Bridges
... A tubular bridge is a bridge built as a rigid box girder section within which the traffic is carried ... Famous examples include the original Britannia Bridge over the Menai Strait and the Conwy railway bridge over the River Conwy, designed and tested by William Fairbairn and built by Robert ... The Conwy railway bridge carries the North Wales coast railway line across the River Conwy between Llandudno Junction and the town of Conwy ...

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