Brezje Pri Dobrovi - Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

In addition to Saint Agnes' Church, Brezje pri Dobrovi has several structures registered as cultural heritage:

  • The Polšno Brdo archaeological site is still largely unexplored. Roman-era pottery and construction material has been found here and an extensive field survey of the area was carried out in 2011.
  • The farm at Brezje pri Dobrovi no. 44 stands above the road into the settlement below the edge of the woods. It is an elongated single-story structure with a central entrance and a symmetrical gabled roof covered with concrete tiles. Alongside the gabled facade there is an outbuilding.
  • The house at Brezje pri Dobrovi no. 16 stands in the center of the village. This is a single-story rectangular structure, partially cellared, with a symmetrical gabled roof, incorporating both living quarters and an area for livestock. There is a central entryway from the courtyard and the year 1862 is carved into the black door casing.
  • The house at Brezje pri Dobrovi no. 17 stands in a clustered area of the village. This is a single-story rectangular structure with a part for livestock. The entryway has a semicircular door casing carved from black limestone, and the year 1886 is carved into the door casing of the livestock area.
  • An unnumbered house stands on the southwestern edge of the clustered part of the settlement, south of the church. It was numbered Brezje pri Dobrovi no. 1 in older documentation. This is a single-story rectangular structure with a central entrance and a large dormer above it. The year 1866 is carved into the richly decorated door casing. The facade is richly segmented with cornices and a soffit.
  • The Partisan Lodge on Ključ Hill was built in 1979 to commemorate members of the Dolomite Detachment. It contains a memorial room, and a plaque and dedication are attached to the structure.

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