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Points of Interest

The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort is one in the last surviving handful of New Hampshire grand hotels, and includes two golf courses, alpine and Nordic skiing, a 25,000-square-foot (2,300 m2) spa, sled rides, dog sled rides, tennis, horseback riding and much more in its facilities.

The Bretton Woods Mountain Resort ski area serves both downhill and cross-country skiing, primarily in the Rosebrook Mountains, located in Bethlehem to the south. The downhill resort is the largest in New Hampshire, with 101 trails.

The tracks of the "Cog" and its associated buildings lie up the slope of Mount Washington, in nearby Thompson and Meserves Purchase. The "Base Road" from Bretton Woods and Fabyan's is the preferred route to the low-altitude end of those tracks (the Base Station of the Cog), except in those winters when the Mount Clinton Road is instead the only plowed road to their intersection. (The closing of the lower end of the Base Road had been traditional into 2004.) The Cog was operated during the winter seasons of 2004-2006 to take wilderness skiers partway up the mountain.

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