Brass Band - Festivals Around The World - Brass Band Instrument Manufacturers, Historical and Present

Brass Band Instrument Manufacturers, Historical and Present

  • C.G. Conn, Ltd. (later Conn-Selmer)
  • Boston Musical Instrument Company
  • Graves and Sons
  • E.G. Wright and Company
  • Hall and Quinby
  • E.A. Couturier
  • The Standard Band Instrument Company
  • Boosey and Hawkes
  • Besson
  • Willson
  • Hirsbrunner
  • Antoine Courtois
  • F.E. Olds
  • J. W. York
  • F.A. Reynolds
  • The Martin Band Instrument Company
  • The Frank Holton Company
  • The H.N. White Company (King Musical Instruments)
  • Vincent Bach Corporation
  • Blessing
  • Jupiter Band Instruments
  • Yamaha Musical Instruments
  • Smith Watkins

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