Braided Monoidal Categories

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Monoidal T-norm Logic
... Monoidal t-norm based logic (or shortly MTL), the logic of left-continuous t-norms, is one of t-norm fuzzy logics ... the logic of commutative bounded integral residuated lattices (known as Höhle's monoidal logic, Ono's FLew, or intuitionistic logic without contraction) by the axiom of prelinearity ...
String Diagram
... string diagrams are a way of representing 2-cells in 2-categories ... For example, consider an adjunction between two categories C and D where is left adjoint of and the natural transformations and are respectively the unit and the counit ... The string diagram corresponding to the counit is the following Monoidal categories can also be pictured this way since they can be seen as 2-categories with ...
Monoidal Adjunction
... Suppose that and are two monoidal categories ... A monoidal adjunction between two lax monoidal functors and is an adjunction between the underlying functors, such that the natural transformations and are ...
Properties - Monoidal Functors and Adjunctions
... Suppose that a functor is left adjoint to a monoidal ... structure on is strong, then the unit and counit of the adjunction are monoidal natural transformations, and the adjunction is said to be a monoidal adjunction conversely ... Similarly, a right adjoint to a comonoidal functor is monoidal, and the right adjoint of a comonoidal adjunction is a strong monoidal functor ...
Timeline Of Category Theory And Related Mathematics - 1981–1990
... transform 1982 Bob Walters Enriched categories with bicategories as a base 1983 Alexander Grothendieck Pursuing stacks Manuscript circulated from Bangor, written in English in response to a correspondence in English. 1983 Alexander Grothendieck First appearance of strict ∞-categories in pursuing stacks, following a 1981 published definition by Ronald Brown and Philip J ... Grothendieck Grothendieck derivators A model for homotopy theory similar to Quilen model categories but more satisfactory ...

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