Braided Hopf Algebra

In mathematics a braided Hopf algebra is a Hopf algebra in a braided monoidal category. The most common braided Hopf algebras are objects in a Yetter–Drinfeld category of a Hopf algebra H, particurlarly the Nichols algebra of a braided vectorspace in that category.

The notion should not be confused with quasitriangular Hopf algebra.

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Braided Hopf Algebra - Radford's Biproduct
... For any braided Hopf algebra R in there exists a natural Hopf algebra which contains R as a subalgebra and H as a Hopf subalgebra ... It is called Radford's biproduct, named after its discoverer, the Hopf algebraist David Radford ... The algebra structure of is given by where, (Sweedler notation) is the coproduct of, and is the left action of H on R ...

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