Brachaeluridae - in Aquaria

In Aquaria

Both the blind shark and the Coclough's shark have been successfully kept in home aquaria. In captivity they can live to be 20 years old. They are well suited to this sort of personal shark husbandry because of their small adult sizes and "predilection for tight spaces." However, one drawback is that they are inactive during the daytime and will spend most of the daylight hours hiding in artificial caves provided by the aquarist. Brachaelurids have been successfully reared in home aquaria on diets of fresh and frozen seafood fed 3 times weekly. Waters at 64-76 degrees F have been found to be most conducive to the health of these fish. Brachaelurids have been known to consume any of their tankmates that can be successfully swallowed.Blind sharks have been induced to breed in captivity. The Sydney Aquarium has successfully maintained an entire breeding colony of blind sharks.

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