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British Rail Class 73 - Fleet Details
73001 73901 - - Merseyrail Merseyrail 05/2000 Preserved at Dean Forest Railway E6002 73002 - - - BR Blue Large Logo Merseyrail 11/1995 ... E6003 73003 - Sir Herbert Walker 1993- BR Green EWS 09/1996 Preserved at Swindon and Cricklade Railway E6004 73004 - The Bluebell Railway 1987–1990 Bluebell Blue British Rail 09/199 ... E6005 73005 - 1988–1993 BR Blue Merseyrail 12/2001 Preserved at Severn Valley Railway E6006 73906 ... - - Merseyrail Merseyrail 12/2001 Preserved at Crewe Heritage Centre E6007 73101 ...
British Rail Class 50 - Preservation - List of Preserved Locomotives
... Numbers Name Livery Location Notes D400 50050 - Fearless BR Blue Large Logo Yeovil Railway Centre First-built locomotive ... D402 50002 - Superb BR Blue South Devon Railway Being cosmetically restored to unrefurbished condition D407 50007 - Sir Edward Elgar (formerly Hercules) GWR ... D408 50008 - Thunderer BR "Laira Blue" East Lancashire Railway Re-entered preservation in 2006 ...

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