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Peter Pan And The Pirates - Characters - Main Characters
... can't stand the mess ("Wendy the Croc" or "Pirate boys, lost men"), she is like a mother for the boys and tells them bedtime stories ("Living pictures ... of the darling siblings, but with his gender and age also as one of the lost boys ("Pirate boys, lost men") ... wood, which always grows again after breaking, the same as the six lost boys do ...

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    It is vain to expect virtue from women till they are, in some degree, independent of men ... Whilst they are absolutely dependent on their husbands they will be cunning, mean, and selfish, and the men who can be gratified by the fawning fondness of spaniel-like affection, have not much delicacy, for love is not to be bought, in any sense of the words, its silken wings are instantly shrivelled up when any thing beside a return in kind is sought.
    Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–1797)

    Is it possible that my sons-in-law will do toilets? If we raise boys to know that diapers need to be changed and refrigerators need to be cleaned, there’s hope for the next generation.
    Anne Roiphe (20th century)

    We’d like to fight but we fear defeat,
    We’d like to work but we’re feeling too weak,
    We’d like to be sick but we’d get the sack,
    We’d like to behave, we’d like to believe,
    We’d like to love, but we’ve lost the knack.
    Cecil Day Lewis (1904–1972)