Boxwell Court

Boxwell Court is a country house near Leighterton in Gloucestershire. In its grounds there is a small church, and the house is thought to be the site of a former monastery, which was then given to the Huntley family following Henry the Eighth's dissolution of the monasteries. The House has continually been in the Huntley family since that time, it is believed that the family have lived on the site for 600 years. The estate is approximately 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) which although large in today's terms, is small compared to the size of the Huntley's former Gloucestershire estates which included Woodchester and Frocester. The estate is known for its Box wood which used to provide a very large income to the Huntleys.

The house has been frequented by royalty, Prince Rupert stayed in the house on several occasions; and his spurs and the bed in which he slept remain in the house. Charles II when fleeing from the Battle of Worcester stayed on the estate and, in gratitude to the family gave them his ring which remains in the family's possession.

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