Bone State

Bone (also Boni, or Bone Saoraja) was a sultanate in the south-west peninsula of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), now part of modern-day Indonesia. Covering an area of 2600 kmĀ², Bone's chief town Boni, lay 130 km northeast of the city of Makassar home to the Bugis people.

Once the most powerful state of Sulawesi, Boni came under Dutch influence in 1666 as they sought to protect themselves from neighbouring belligerent states. Boni remained under Dutch control until 1814 when the British temporarily gained power of the region, but returned to Dutch rule in 1816 by whit of the European treaties concluded on the downfall of Napoleon. Dutch influence was increasingly resisted by the Boni however and numerous Dutch expeditions to Boni were repelled during the nineteenth century. Boni became part of Indonesia upon the country's independence.

As in other native states in Sulawesi, succession to the throne in the female line had precedence over the male line.

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