Sultan Bolkiah was the fifth Sultan of Brunei. He ascended the throne of Brunei upon the abdication of his father, Sultan Sulaiman. He ruled Brunei from 1485 to 1524. His reign marked the Golden Age of Brunei and coincided with the Sultanate's ascension as the superpower of the Malay archipelago. Under Sultan Bolkiah, Brunei prospered further, but he was still unsatisfied with Brunei's progress and ordered all his chiefs and ministers to seek new ideas to develop Brunei further. He frequently travelled abroad to broaden his outlook and increase his knowledge for the development of his country. The new ideas he brought back to Brunei were ordered to be studied in detail and pursued for implementation for the benefit of his people and country.


Sultan Bolkiah's victory over Sulu and Seludong (modern day Manila), as well as his marriages to Laila Mecanai the daughter of Sulu Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra (an uncle of Sharifa Mahandun married to Nakhoda Angging or Maharaja Anddin of Sulu), and to the daughter of Datu Kemin, widened Brunei's influence in the Philippines. This increased Brunei's wealth as well as extended Islamic teachings in the region. The influence and power of Brunei reached its climax during the reign of Sultan Bolkiah. Known as the "Singing Captain" (Nakhoda Ragam), his dominion reached faraway Selurong, now known as the city of Manila. Due to overpopulation, he allowed his peoples to venture out of Brunei migrating into North Borneo and to the Sulu (Solook). When visiting the islands, he would plant a speck of pepper into their beaches upon arrival and name some of them, to name a few, as Sitangkay, Siganggang, Simunol, etc. His dominion also reached Bulungan (North Borneo) to Johore (Singapore), that Brunei, its ancient name was Bulungan Johore. His father-in-law, Sulu Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra (Amir Ul-Umara), also known as the Sultan Bolkiah of Sulu, recovered Bulungan-North Borneo back for him during a Kalimantan revolt in Southern Borneo.

After his death, Sultan Bolkiah (Bulkieau) was succeeded by his son, Abdul Kahar. He was buried in Kota Batu with his wife, Princess Lela Mechanai.

Preceded by
Sultan of Brunei
1485 AD-1524 AD
Succeeded by
Abdul Kahar
Name Bolkiah
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