Bogra District - History - Ancient History - The Mauryas (4th Century To 3rd Century B.C.)

The Mauryas (4th Century To 3rd Century B.C.)

This district was under the rule of the Mauryas in the 4th century BC. This is evident from the existence of some Asokan Pillars in many parts of Pundravardhana and from the discovery of an old Brahmi Inscription at Mahasthangarh in this district. Bhadra Babu, a high monk of the Jain religion and a son of a Brahmin of Kotivarsha in Pundravardhana, was the Jain-Guru of Chandra Gupta Maurya. As Asoka was a firm believer in Buddhism, he put to death many naked Sectarians (presumably the Jains in Pundravardhana.

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