Bogle-Chandler Case

The Bogle-Chandler case refers to the mysterious deaths of Dr Gilbert Stanley Bogle (1924–1963) and Mrs Margaret Olive Chandler née Morphett (1934–1963) on the banks of the Lane Cove River in Sydney, Australia on 1 January 1963. The case became celebrated because of the circumstances in which the bodies were found and because the cause of death could not be established. In 2006 a filmmaker discovered evidence to suggest the cause of death was hydrogen sulphide gas. In the early hours of 1 January an eruption of gas from the polluted river bed may have occurred, causing the noxious fumes to pool in deadly quantities in the grove.

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... A woman who was a child at the time came forward at the time of the film's screening ... She claimed she had found Mrs Chandler's handbag 4 km away in bushland between three houses ...

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