Boffo is an informal term meaning "very good". In show business, boffo can mean a hit show, as in "boffo box office". This use of the term is believed to have originated with the Hollywood trade magazine Variety.

"Boffo" may also refer to:

  • Franz Boffo, a 19th century Sardinian architect responsible for many buildings in southern Russia and Ukraine
  • Adolfo Bautista, a Mexican midfielder nicknamed "Bofo"
In fiction
  • Mister Boffo, a comic strip created by Joe Martin
  • Phineas Boffo, a character in the TV series Carniv├ále
  • Boffo, a psychological trick employed by the witch Eumenides Treason in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.
  • Mondo Boffo, an early 80s US New Wave band
  • Boffo Games, a now-defunct video games developer founded by Steve Meretzky

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Witches (Discworld) - Ramtops Witches - Other Ramtops Witches - Eumenides Treason
... webs, etc.) and all of which of these are fake, bought from Boffo's, a joke shop in Ankh-Morpork ... Treason also uses the name "Boffo" to describe the unique power that these props give her She describes "Boffo" as "the power of expectations" the strength that one gains from ... about her are kept current and circulating, to ensure the presence of "Boffo thinking" among her clients ...
Vorontsov Palace (Odessa)
... to 1830 by the Sardinian-born architect Francesco Boffo for Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, one of the governor-generals of the Odessa region ... Vorontsov was so impressed with Boffo's work, that he contracted Boffo to design the Potemkin Stairs ...
Mister Boffo
... Mister Boffo is an American comic strip created by Joe Martin ... Mister Boffo" strips have been collected in the books Mister Boffo Unclear on the Concept (1989) (ISBN 0-316-54859-6), Mister Boffo Shrink Wrapped (1995) (IS ... was in the truly bizarre self-published single issue comic book Boffo In Hell (1995) co-drawn by the cartoonist's teenage son Jay Martin where lovable loser Earl Boffo is transformed into a realistically drawn ...
Hazard High School
... in 1962 by former student Jennifer Boffo after a family trip to Peru ... Boffo was disheartened by the dwindling camelid numbers and developed a fondness for the luxuriousness of their wool ... Boffo decided to take immediate action to save the majestic alpaca ...
Boffo Games
... Boffo Games was a short-lived computer games developer founded in 1994 by Steve Meretzky, Mike Dornbrook, and Leo DaCosta ... Boffo only produced two games, Hodj 'n' Podj and The Space Bar, before closing its doors in 1997 ... The official Boffo Games web page is still in existence, but Steve Meretzky now maintains it as his personal site ...