Bode Plot

A Bode plot is a graph of the transfer function of a linear, time-invariant system versus frequency, plotted with a log-frequency axis, to show the system's frequency response. It is usually a combination of a Bode magnitude plot, expressing the magnitude of the frequency response gain, and a Bode phase plot, expressing the frequency response phase shift.

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Bode Plot - Related Plots
... Two related plots that display the same data in different coordinate systems are the Nyquist plot and the Nichols plot ... These are parametric plots, with frequency as the input and magnitude and phase of the frequency response as the output ... The Nyquist plot displays these in polar coordinates, with magnitude mapping to radius and phase to argument (angle) ...
Continuous-time Low-pass Filters
... The frequency response of a filter is generally represented using a Bode plot, and the filter is characterized by its cutoff frequency and rate of frequency rolloff ... The magnitude Bode plot for a first-order filter looks like a horizontal line below the cutoff frequency, and a diagonal line above the cutoff frequency ... low-pass filter has a zero as well as a pole, the Bode plot will flatten out again, at some maximum attenuation of high frequencies such an effect is caused for example by a little bit of the ...

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