Bobcat's Big Ass Show - Bonus Round

Bonus Round

Called "Guess My Secret!", the contestant had a steel-gray helmet lowered onto his or her head while the five losers of the show each told Bobcat three secrets, one of which was true, and it was up to Bobcat and the audience to guess. (Ultimately, Bobcat and the audience would arrive at the correct answers; a disclaimer at the end noted that Bobcat had been given the secrets before the show.) After that, the contestant removed the helmet. Bobcat read the three possible secrets for each loser; if the contestant answered incorrectly, they would have to wait until Bobcat re-read the remaining untried possibilities before trying again. The contestant had 60 seconds (as displayed on a computerized pink wine glass that tilted from side-to-side like a pendulum) to correctly guess all five secrets, and success won the trip; if the contestant failed, each of the losers received a small prize.

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