BMC E-Series Engine

The BMC E-series engine was a straight-4 and straight-6 overhead camshaft automobile petrol engine from the British Motor Corporation (BMC). It displaced 1.5 L or 1.8 L in four-cylinder form, and 2.2 L or 2.6 L as a six-cylinder. The company's native United Kingdom market did not use the 2.6 L version, which was used in vehicles of Australian and South African manufacture. Although designed when the parent company was BMC, by the time the engine was launched the company had become British Leyland (BL), and so the engine is commonly referred to as the British Leyland E-series engine. The four-cylinder E-series was eventually replaced by the R-series, and the S-series in the mid 1980s. The six-cylinder version was not directly replaced.

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