Blue Supergiants

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Super Nova - Current Models - Progenitor
... by progenitor Type Progenitor star Fraction Ib WC Wolf-Rayet 10% Ic WO Wolf-Rayet 10% II-P Supergiant 70% II-L Supergiant with a depleted hydrogen shell ... Red supergiants are the expected progenitors for the vast majority of core collapse supernovae, and these have been observed but only at relatively ... It is now proposed that higher mass red supergiants do not explode as supernovae, but instead evolve back to blue supergiants ...
... Supergiants are among the most massive stars ... In the Yerkes spectral classification, supergiants are class Ia (most luminous supergiants) or Ib (less luminous supergiants) ... The most luminous supergiants are often classified as hypergiants of class 0 or Ia+ ...
Blue Supergiant - Formation
... Supergiants are evolved high mass stars, larger and more luminous than main sequence stars ... These stars usually become blue supergiants, although it is possible that some of them evolve directly to Wolf-Rayet stars ... Expansion into the supergiant stage can occur when helium burning begins in the core of the star but it may also be caused as heavy elements are dredged up to the surface by ...

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