Blue Jacket

Blue Jacket or Weyapiersenwah (c. 1743 – c. 1810) was a war chief of the Shawnee people, known for his militant defense of Shawnee lands in the Ohio Country. Perhaps the preeminent American Indian leader in the Northwest Indian War, in which a pan-tribal confederacy fought several battles with the nascent United States, he was an important predecessor of the famous Shawnee leader Tecumseh.

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Battle Of Fallen Timbers - Battle
... Blue Jacket took a defensive position along the Maumee River, not far from present-day Toledo, Ohio, where a stand of trees (the "fallen timbers") had been blown ... The Indian forces, numbering about 1,500, were composed of Blue Jacket's Shawnees, Buckongahelas's Delawares, Miamis led by Little Turtle, Wyandots, Ojibwas, Ottawas, Potawatomis ... His horse soldiers outflanked Blue Jacket's Indians, who were routed ...
USNS Blue Jacket (T-AF-51)
... USNS Blue Jacket (T-AF-51) was an Alstede-class stores ship acquired by the U.S ... Blue Jacket—a C2-S-B1 type freighter—was laid down under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 183) on 23 October 1941 at Oakland, California, by the Moore Dry Dock Co ...
Bellefontaine, Ohio - History - Blue Jacket's Town
... Around 1777, the Shawnee war leader Blue Jacket (Weyapiersenwah) built a settlement here, known as Blue Jacket's Town ... Blue Jacket and his band had previously occupied a village along the Scioto River, but with the coming of the American Revolutionary War to the Ohio Country, Blue Jacket and other American Indians who took up arms ... Blue Jacket's Town was destroyed in Logan's Raid, conducted by Kentucky militia in 1786 at the outset of the Northwest Indian War ...
Presidency Of George Washington - The Northwest Indian War
... Indian force consisting of around 2,000 warriors led by Little Turtle, Blue Jacket, and Tecumseh, struck quickly and, surprising the Americans, soon overran their poorly ... After Little Turtle's defeat, Blue Jacket assumed overall command of the Indian forces and engaged General Wayne and his troops in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in the summer of ... to regroup at the British-held Fort Miami (Ohio), Blue Jacket's forces found that the British had locked them out of the fort ...
Blue Jacket - Struggle For The Old Northwest
... Blue Jacket participated in Dunmore's War and the American Revolutionary War (allied with the British), always attempting to maintain Shawnee land rights ... The struggle continued as white settlement in Ohio escalated, and Blue Jacket was a prominent leader of the resistance ... On November 3, 1791, the army of a confederation of Indian tribes, led by Blue Jacket and Miami Chief Little Turtle, defeated an American expedition led by Arthur ...

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