Bloomers may refer to:

  • Bloomers (clothing), the undergarment named after Amelia Bloomer.
  • Bloomers (TV series), the 1979 BBC sitcom by James Saunders, starring Richard Beckinsale.

Other articles related to "bloomers":

Bloomers (TV series)
... Bloomers was a short-lived British sitcom starring Richard Beckinsale that was aired in 1979 ... Bloomers was immediately shelved, though the five completed episodes were broadcast later in the same year ...
Bloomers (clothing) - Athletic Bloomers (unskirted)
... During the late 19th century, athletic bloomers (also known as "rationals" or "knickerbockers") were skirtless baggy knee-length trousers, fastened to the ... Bloomers were usually worn with stockings and after 1910 often with a sailor middy blouse ... Bloomers became shorter by the late 1920s ...
Bloomers (clothing) - Athletic Bloomers (unskirted) - Bloomers in Japan
... Known as buruma (ブルマ), also burumā (ブルマー), bloomers were introduced in Japan as women's clothing for physical education in 1903 ... After the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, a newer style of bloomers which fit the body closer, similar to volleyball uniforms, became commonplace ... Some people are interested in bloomers in clothing fetish context ...