Blood Group

  • (noun): People whose blood (usually just the red blood cells) has the same antigens.
    Synonyms: blood type

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Lectin - Use in Science, Medicine and Technology - Use in Medicine and Medical Research
... Purified lectins are important in a clinical setting because they are used for blood typing ... Some of the glycolipids and glycoproteins on an individual's red blood cells can be identified by lectins ... A lectin from Dolichos biflorus is used to identify cells that belong to the A1 blood group ...
Blood Type Diet - Description
... D'Adamo's premise is that blood type is key to the human body's ability to differentiate self from non-self ... Lectins in foods, he asserts, react differently with each ABO blood type and, to a lesser extent, with an individual's secretor status ... "At this point, you might be wondering about other blood type identifiers, such as positive/negative, or secretor/non-secretor ...
ABO (gene) - Function
... gene encodes a protein related to the first discovered blood group system, ABO ... allele is present in an individual determines the blood group ... The 'O' blood group is caused by a deletion of guanine-258 in the gene which corresponds to a region near the N-terminus of the protein ...
Auberger's Blood Group
... Auberger's blood group is a type of human blood group in which the Aua antigen is expressed ... The blood group was named after patient Auberger, who was a 59 year old French woman with oesophageal varices ...
Lewis Antigen System
... The Lewis antigen system is a human blood group system based upon genes on chromosome 19 p13.3 (FUT3 or Lewis gene) and 19q13.3, (FUT2 or secretor gene) ... The link between the Lewis blood group and secretion of the ABO blood group antigens was possibly the first example of multiple effects of a human gene ...

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