Blok may refer to:

  • Alexander Blok (1880—1921), Russian lyrical poet
  • Anton Blok, Dutch anthropologist
  • Petrus Johannes Blok, Dutch historian
  • Stef Blok, Dutch politician
  • Blok (comics), the fictional superhero of the DC Comics universe
  • Blok (music), Southern California hip hop band
  • Blok (clothing, New Zealand), hand printed clothing company
  • Blok (Think Tank, USA), idea incubator venture
  • Blok M, downtown shopping area in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mega Bloks, plastic building blocks produced by Mega Bloks, Incorporated
  • The Vlaams Blok (Dutch:Vlaams Blok), former Flemish right-wing nationalist political party
  • Blok (Pendragon series), the all-powerful company in the book The Quillan Games by D. J. MacHale

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AT-43 - Forces - The Red Blok
... The Red Blok is the ideological nemesis of the UNA ... Just like its counterpart, the Red Blok is an interplanetary human entity that lays claim to large number of habitable worlds ... Unlike the UNA, however, the Red Blok is instead motivated by Collectivist Ideals and by a desire to make all people equal ...
Anton Blok
... Anton Blok (born 1935, Amsterdam) is an anthropologist, famous for studying the Mafia in Sicily in 1960s ... Anton Blok was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan (1972-1973) and University of California, Berkeley in 1988 ...
Luna (rocket) - Luna 3
... (March 1960) ended 435 seconds after launch when the Blok E upper stage developed insufficient thrust, causing the Luna probe to reenter the atmosphere and burn up ... flight of a Luna 8K72 (April 1960) failed when the Blok K strap-on booster developed only 75% thrust at liftoff, breaking away from the launch vehicle, which then ... The Blok I core stage then crashed into a salt lake ...
Seven Songs On Poems By Alexander Blok
... Seven Songs on Poems by Alexander Blok (Op ... It was inspired by verses of poet Alexander Blok (1880–1921) ...