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Blind Joe Death
... Blind Joe Death is the first album by American fingerstyle guitarist and composer John Fahey ... Unterberger characterized the impact of Blind Joe Death, noting it as being "a very interesting record from a historical few if any other guitarists were ...
Blind Joe Reynolds
... "Blind Joe" Reynolds (1900 or 1904 - March 10, 1968), was a singer-songwriter ... Despite this handicap, Blind Joe became known for his distinctive bottleneck style as well as his reported accuracy with a pistol, with which it is said he could judge the position of a target by sound ...
The Voice Of The Turtle (album) - Packaging
... On the right side of the cover appears "The Volk Roots Hiart Leaves of John Fahey, Blind Joe Death, Hubert Thomas, Virgil Willis Johnston, L ... below that "The Fahey Picture Album Genuine photographs of Blind Joe Death, Knott's Berry Farm Molly, The Adelphi Rolling Grist Mill, Etc." The photograph ...
Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes - History
... his article "The Persecutions and Resurrections of Blind Joe Death", "Because a local 78 dealer was also a national distributor, sold much more quickly than the first had ... (Petranick was a music teacher from Fahey's youth) and carry on the myth of Blind Joe Death "Blind Joe never sang ... He had been struck blind and dumb at the age of three by a local member of the NAACP, for not complying with the organization's demand to learn bar chords and diminished augmented sevenths ...

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    This might be the end of the world. If Joe lost we were back in slavery and beyond help. It would all be true, the accusations that we were lower types of human beings. Only a little higher than apes. True that we were stupid and ugly and lazy and dirty and, unlucky and worst of all, that God Himself hated us and ordained us to be hewers of wood and drawers of water, forever and ever, world without end.
    Maya Angelou (b. 1928)

    The one-eyed man will be King in the country of the blind only if he arrives there in full possession of his partial faculties—that is, providing he is perfectly aware of the precise nature of sight and does not confuse it with second sight ... nor with madness.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)