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Maurice Blanchot - Further Reading
... Michael Holland (ed.), The Blanchot Reader (Blackwell, 1995) George Quasha (ed.), The Station Hill Blanchot Reader (Station Hill, 1998) Michel Foucault, Maurice Blanchot The ... Editions Complicités, Paris "Maurice Blanchot de proche en proche", collection Compagnie de Maurice Blanchot, 2007 Editions Complicités "L'épreuve du temps chez Maurice Blanchot", collection Compagnie de Maurice ... une approche du différend entre Maurice Blanchot et Emmanuel Levinas, Louvain, Peeters, 2007 ...
Jean-Luc Nancy - Major Works - La Communauté Désœuvrée
... La communauté inavouable (The Unavowable Community, 1988), a short work by Maurice Blanchot, was a response to Nancy’s work on community (and inspired as well by Georges Bataille ... The dialogue between Nancy and Blanchot would continue until Blanchot's death ...
Desire (philosophy) - History - Western Philosophers
... Reading Blanchot in this regard, in his essay Sade's Reason, the libertine is one, of a type that sometimes intersects with a Sadean man, who finds in stoicism, solitude, and ... Blanchot writes, "...the libertine is thoughtful, self-contained, incapable of being moved by just anything." Apathy in de Sade is opposition not to desire but to its spontaneity ... Blanchot writes that in Sade, "for passion to become energy, it is necessary that it be constricted, that it be mediated by passing through a necessary moment of insensibility, then it will be the greatest passion ...
The Gaze Of Orpheus - Interpretations - Maurice Blanchot
... Blanchot's interpretation or use of the Gaze of Orpheus is in artistic creation ... ways to discuss many of the features of Blanchot's work, which until now appeared not to have common thematic links” (Champagne 1254) ... to descend to Eurydice, according to Blanchot, is that of art ...
Leslie Hill - Book Publications
... Radical Indecision Barthes, Blanchot, Derrida, and the Future of Criticism (Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame Press, 2010) The Cambridge Introduction ...

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    To write is to make oneself the echo of what cannot cease speaking—and since it cannot, in order to become its echo I have, in a way, to silence it. I bring to this incessant speech the decisiveness, the authority of my own silence.
    —Maurice Blanchot (b. 1907)

    Lovers of painting and lovers of music are people who openly display their preference like a delectable ailment that isolates them and makes them proud.
    —Maurice Blanchot (b. 1907)

    A writer who writes, “I am alone” ... can be considered rather comical. It is comical for a man to recognize his solitude by addressing a reader and by using methods that prevent the individual from being alone. The word alone is just as general as the word bread. To pronounce it is to summon to oneself the presence of everything the word excludes.
    —Maurice Blanchot (b. 1907)