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  • Blackstar (TV series), a 1981 fantasy/science fiction cartoon by Filmation
  • Black Star (Babylon 5), a ship in the Babylon 5 science fiction universe
  •, a UK-based online DVD and video sales company whose former name is "Blackstar"
  • Black Star (Soul Eater), a Meister ninja of the Star Clan in the manga/anime Soul Eater
  • Black Stars, a set of characters from the anime "Keroro Gunso", see List of Sgt. Frog characters
  • Black Star, working title of the 1960 western Flaming Star, and also a song recorded by Elvis Presley for the film
  • Blackstar, a character from Erin Hunter's Warriors series
  • The Black Star, a fantasy novel by Lin Carter
  • Blackstarr, a DC Comics supervillainess and an enemy of Supergirl

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