Black Scales

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Pieris Krueperi Devta - Description
... Fore wing a narrow band of irrorated black scales along basal portion of costa a wedge-shaped short costal black spot before the apex apex black that colour continued along the ... Hind wing a black costal spot just before the apex, otherwise uniform white ... Fore wing black markings similar to those on the upperside, but the black at apex and on termen replaced anteriorly by a dull faint wash of ochraceous or greenish yellow ...
Appias Wardii - Description - Wet-season Brood
... Fore wing has the base densely and broadly irrorated with black scales which gradually merge along the costa into the black apical area that occupies about one-third of the wing, the inner margin ... Hind wing slightly irrorated with black scales at base which leave a terminal series of large, somewhat diamond-shaped, black spots at the apices of ... white, apex butter-yellow, a somewhat narrow zigzag curved irregular black band from middle of costa to tornus ...
Cepora Nadina - Description
... has the basal half of costal margin suffused with greenish yellow and irrorated sparsely with black scales apex from the middle of the costa and termen black, the inner margin of the ... the darkness accentuated by a slight irroration of black scales apices of some of the anterior veins black, in some specimens these are dilated and form a narrow anterior black border ... yellow and irrorated more or less densely with black scales, these latter form also diffuse subterminal patches on the white ground-colour in ...
Pieris Canidia - Description
... costa, and base and upper margin of cell with a scattering of black scales apex and terminal margin to about the middle, decreasingly, black, on the latter the ... The hindwing has a subcostal black spot as in Pieris rapae but is generally larger and more conspicuous, and a series of four or five terminal black spots that ... cell and costa lightly irrorated with black scales apex somewhat broadly tinged with ochraceous yellow interspaces 1, 3 and 5 with conspicuous subquadrate black spots, the spot in ...
Delias Hyparete Itohi - Description
... as follows Male upper forewing has the black margins to the veins more diffuse the transverse postdiscal band diffuse, ill-defined, oblique, not parallel to termen in its lower portion but terminated at apex of ... Hind wing white, the black venation and terminal narrow black border as well as the sub-terminal vermilion-red spots between the veins on the underside show through by transparency ... Underside fore wing as in eucharis, but the black margins to the veins much broader and the postdiscal transverse fascia as on the upperside oblique but broader ...

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    All my fond love thus do I blow to heaven
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