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Carreras Tobacco Company - Black Cat
... Black Cat is now a cigarette brand sold around the world, but its name sprang from humble origins ... The original black cat was an ordinary domestic cat which spent hours curled up asleep in the window of Don José’s Wardour Street shop, well before the turn of the 20th century ... Because the cat became such a familiar sight to the passers-by, the shop began to be known as the “black cat shop” ...

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    Now here this, now here this. Reveille. I repeat, reveille. Attention all hands. Because another cigarette butt has been found in the container of the Captain’s palm tree, there will be no movies again tonight. That is all.
    Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)

    I only know that a rook
    Ordering its black feathers can so shine
    As to seize me senses, haul
    My eyelids up, and grant

    A brief respite from fear
    Of total neutrality.
    Sylvia Plath (1932–1963)

    One cat in a house is a sign of loneliness, two of barrenness, and three of sodomy.
    Edward Dahlberg (1900–1977)