Bixad, Covasna - Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

  • Mikes Armin school which was the hunting lodge of the Mikes family and built by Count Ármin Mikes around 1900. Apart from the school the building hosts a little museum displaying glass from the factory which was operated by the Mikó and later the Mikes family in the village until 1918.
  • The so called Mikes Spas: the Vallato, the Hammas and the Bükki Spa.
Covasna County, Romania
  • Sfântu Gheorghe (county seat)
  • Târgu Secuiesc
  • Baraolt
  • Covasna
  • Întorsura Buzăului
  • Aita Mare
  • Arcuş
  • Barcani
  • Băţani
  • Belin
  • Bixad
  • Bodoc
  • Boroşneu Mare
  • Brăduţ
  • Brateş
  • Breţcu
  • Catalina
  • Cernat
  • Chichiş
  • Comandău
  • Dalnic
  • Dobârlău
  • Estelnic
  • Ghelinţa
  • Ghidfalău
  • Hăghig
  • Ilieni
  • Lemnia
  • Malnaş
  • Mereni
  • Micfalău
  • Moacşa
  • Ojdula
  • Ozun
  • Poian
  • Reci
  • Sânzieni
  • Sita Buzăului
  • Turia
  • Vâlcele
  • Valea Crişului
  • Valea Mare
  • Vârghiş
  • Zăbala
  • Zagon

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