Bisque may refer to:

  • Bisque (pottery), a piece of unglazed pottery
  • Bisque (food), a thick, creamy soup made from purĂ©ed seafood or vegetables
  • Bisque, a free turn in a handicap croquet match
  • Bisque, a free point in a handicap real tennis match

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Software Bisque - History
... Initially, Bisque developed and marketed custom financial software and also sold a DOS-based astronomy program named TheSky ... At this time, the company was based in Bisque's home in Golden, Colorado ... In 1990, Bisque hired his brothers Thomas, Daniel and Matthew ...
Software Bisque
... Software Bisque, Inc ... It was founded in 1984 by current president and CEO, Stephen Bisque ...
I've Got A Pain In My Sawdust - Lyrics
... which is sung from point of view of the character of the little bisque doll.) Verse 1 A little bisque doll and a little rag doll / And a dolly imported ...
Parian Doll
... doll's head is not dipped in glaze before firing and as such has a matte finish, similar to bisque dolls, giving it a markedly different appearance ... of these dolls is as follows "Parian doll doll made of fine white bisque (unglazed porcelain) without tinting ... now are discarding the term parian in favor of untinted bisque versus tinted bisque ...