Bishop Pair

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Budapest Gambit - Rubinstein Variation 3...Ng4 4.Bf4
... On the other hand, the early development of the bishop means that White is more vulnerable to the check Bf8–b4+, the b2-pawn is not defended, and in some rare cases the Bf4 ... pawns in return for a material advantage of one pawn, the bishop pair and active play in the centre ... keep a healthy pawn structure and acquire the bishop pair ...
Budapest Gambit - Strategic and Tactical Themes - Advantages of ...Bb4+
... pawns are a positional advantage for Black that fully compensates the loss of the bishop pair, and even the gambitted pawn ... hand, if White can recapture with a piece, the trade on c3 typically concedes the bishop pair for insufficient compensation ... to exchange Bxd2, that is advantageous to White who thereby gains the bishop pair ...

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