BioMedCom Consultants inc is a contract research organization1.

Based in Montreal, Canada, BioMedCom Consultants inc.2 was established in 1996 to address the application needs evident in the health economics and health outcomes research community — the transmission of health outcomes information to its audiences — other researchers, healthcare decisionmakers, health professionals, and the general public.3,4 They employ a number of research scientists who exercise their training and experience in the application of biomedical research.

Services provided include market access and related materials including Global Value Dossiers & Region-Specific reimbursement dossiers and supporting resources. They also conduct Applied Research Studies to produce Backgrounders and Briefing Reports, Pharmacoeconomics studies, Economic, Statistical and gap analyses, Budget Impact Modeling, Healthcare and decisionmaking studies, manuscripts for peer reviewed publication e.g.5,6, presentations (abstracts, posters, podiums), training materials and patient information.

They also maintain a database of market access processes and requirements for Canada, the US and other global markets, as well as a database of Health Economic standards and guidelines.

EBMA is a periodic report produced by BioMedCom Consultants for those who need to keep on top of trends in market access globally. EBMA provides relevant and up to date information to support successful global market access for healthcare interventions.