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Semidetached Binaries - Classifications - Methods of Observation - Spectroscopic Binaries
... Sometimes, the only evidence of a binary star comes from the Doppler effect on its emitted light ... In these cases, the binary consists of a pair of stars where the spectral lines in the light emitted from each star shifts first toward the blue, then toward the red, as each moves ... In these systems, the separation between the stars is usually very small, and the orbital velocity very high ...
Semidetached Binaries - Classifications - Configuration of The System
... Another classification is based on the distance of the stars, relative to their sizes Detached binaries are binary stars where each component is within ... the area where the gravitational pull of the star itself is larger than that of the other component ... The stars have no major effect on each other, and essentially evolve separately ...
Binary Stars In Fiction - Binary and Multiple Stars - Binary Stars
... A binary star is a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass ... The brighter star is called the primary and the lesser is its companion star, or secondary ... A binary star is one kind of double star a star that resolves visually into two separate stars that are very close together as seen from the Earth the other type of double star is an ...
Circumbinary Planet - Observations and Discoveries - Other Observations
... Claims of a planet discovered via microlensing, orbiting the close binary pair MACHO-1997-BLG-41, were announced in 1999 ... be better explained by the orbital motion of the binary stars themselves ... have been made to detect planets around the eclipsing binary system CM Draconis, itself part of the triple system GJ 630.1 ...
Doppler Imaging - Binary Stars
... to determine and see the extent of starspots is to study stars that are binaries ... When one of the stars passes in front of the other there will be an eclipse, and starspots on the eclipsed hemisphere will cause a distortion in the eclipse curve, revealing the location and size of the ...

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