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Menu and Recent Menu Changes

Biggby's specialty drink menu is broken down into the following categories: Sweet and Creamy Lattes, Traditions and Classics, Hot Chocolate, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Creme Freeze Smoothies and Tea Lattes. MONIN syrups are used for drink flavoring along with Phillips Syrups, which are specifically customized and developed by and for the company. In October 2008, Biggby introduced "B Mellow", a marshmallow flavored syrup that added six new drinks to their menu. After a four month period of development between Biggby and the Ohio-based Phillips Syrups company, the sauce became the first of its kind in the retail coffee industry.

Along with assorted pastries, fruit, yogurt parfaits, cookies, sandwich wraps, salads and other specialty baked goods, Biggby introduced "Bragels" to their menu in October 2010. Marketed as the in-between breakfast and lunch meal, bragels are made-to-order bagel sandwiches in different meat, cheese and bagel varieties. Later that same year, biggby launched a new mobile website and introduced the option of "Reduced Calorie" drinks to their menu. Reduced calorie drinks cut calories and fat by 30-50% depending on the drink and substitute in sugar-free and lower calorie ingredients when possible. Fish said this initiative was developed "to make it even easier for BIGGBY COFFEE customers to know what choices they have, regardless of whether you’re on a calorie or sugar-restrictive diet or not." In 2011, all drinks, including specials and seasonal beverages, were added to the online menu along with their nutritional information.

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