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BEML produces Czech Tatra trucks under license.

  • BEML - TATRA T815 VVNC 8x8
  • BEML - TATRA T815 VVL 8x8
  • BEML - TATRA T815 VTI 8x8 - Tank Transporter
  • BEML - TATRA Crash Fire Tender
  • BEML - TATRA T816 6MWR 8T 10x10
  • BEML - TATRA T815 27ET96 28 300 8x8
  • BEML - TATRA T815 26RR36 22 255 6x6
  • BEML Aircraft Towing Tractor
  • BEML Armoured Recovery Vehicle WZT

Probe into alleged scam in purchase of Tatra trucks for Indian Army has revealed the Czech company had agreed supply of trucks directly at a lower price in 1994 to BEML without involving the British agent, Tatra Sipox. BEML had not accepted the offer then.

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