Bhaktivedanta Manor

Bhaktivedanta Manor is a Gaudiya Vaishnava temple set in the Hertfordshire countryside of England in the village of Aldenham near Watford. The Manor, as it is called by those familiar with it, is owned and run by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, better known as ISKCON, or the Hare Krishna movement. It is ISKCON's largest property in the UK, and one of the most frequently visited Radha Krishna temples in Europe. It stands in 70 acres (280,000 m2) of landscaped grounds consisting of lawns, flower gardens, a children's playground, an artificial lake that attracts many water fowl, and a substantial car park.

The property was converted from a country mansion called Piggott's Manor, the name that still shows on older maps.

In 1972, Beatles musician George Harrison gave the Manor as an offering of devotion to the founder of ISKCON, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Harrison had a close relationship with Prabhupada and met and stayed with him on several occasions. "Bhaktivedānta" is Sanskrit for "devotion-Vedanta", that is, "the Vedanta which is about devotion".

Harrison said he envisaged that the Manor would be a "guide to Krishna consciousness" and "A place where people could get a taste of the splendor of devotional service to the Supreme Lord".

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