Bezirk (plural Bezirke) means "district" in German and can refer to:

  • The primary Subdivisions of East Germany from 1952
  • The districts of Austria
  • Some of the Districts of Switzerland
  • Regierungsbezirk, a "government district", a subdivision of some German federal states
  • Stadtbezirk, a city district or borough (e.g. in Berlin, Hamburg or Vienna)

Other articles related to "bezirk":

Bezirk Bialystok - History
... The establishment of the Bezirk Bialystok followed on 1 August 1941 it was simultaneously excluded from the operational zones of the German Army in the Soviet Union ... The center of administration for the eponymous Bezirk Bialystok was the city of Białystok ... was transferred from the Reichskommissariat Ostland to the Bezirk Bialystok ...
Grünau - Places
... Austria Grünau im Almtal, a gemeinde in the bezirk of Gmunden, Oberösterreich Hofstetten-Grünau, a marktgemeinde in the bezirk of Sankt Pölten-Land, Niederösterreich Germany Grünau, Berlin, an ortsteil ...
Sächsische Staatskanzlei
... The building was used by the Rat des Bezirkes (Board of the Bezirk) of the Bezirk Dresden after the German Democratic Republic had established the Bezirk subdivisions in 1952 ...
NUTS Of Austria - NUTS Codes
... AT1 Eastern Austria (Ostösterreich) AT11 Burgenland AT111 Mittelburgenland (Bezirk Oberpullendorf) AT112 Nordburgenland (Eisenstadt, Rust, Bezirk Eisenstadt-Umgebung, Bezirk ...
Hermagor District
... Bezirk Hermagor — District — Country Austria State Carinthia Number of municipalities 7 Area • Total 808.0 km2 (312.0 sq mi) Population (2012-01-01) • Total 18,766 • Density 23/km2 (60/sq mi ...