Beta Cassiopeiae

Beta Cassiopeiae (β Cas, β Cassiopeiae) is a Delta Scuti variable star in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is a subgiant or giant star belonging to the spectral class F2, with a mean apparent magnitude of +2.27 and absolute magnitude of +1.16. It has the traditional name Caph, from the Arabic word كف kaf, "palm" (i.e. reaching from the Pleiades), also known as Al Sanām al Nākah. Another Arabic name is al-Kaff al-Khadib.

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Cassiopeia (constellation) - In Non-Western Astronomy
... the Kings when seen along with Alpha and Beta Cassiopeiae, they formed the great chariot Wang-Liang ... The charioteer's whip was represented by Gamma Cassiopeiae, sometimes called "Tsih", the Chinese word for "whip" ... Kappa, Iota, and Phi Andromedae its hump was Beta Cassiopeiae its body was the rest of Cassiopeia, and the legs were composed of stars in Perseus ...
Beta Cassiopeiae - Etymology and Cultural Significance
... The term was abbreviated and somehow came to signify β Cassiopeiae alone ... 王良 (Wáng Liáng), meaning Wang Liang, refers to an asterism consisting of β Cassiopeiae, κ Cassiopeiae, η Cassiopeiae, α Cassiopeiae and λ Cassiopeiae ... Consequently, β Cassiopeiae itself is known as 王良一 (Wáng Liáng yī, English the First Star of Wang Liang.) Together with Alpha Andromedae (Alpheratz) and ...