Best Coding Practices

Best coding practices for software development can be broken into many levels based on the coding language, the platform, the target environment and so forth. Using best practices for a given situation greatly reduces the probability of introducing errors into your applications, regardless of which software development model is being used to create that application.

There are standards that originated from the intensive study of industry experts who analyzed how bugs were generated when code was written and correlated these bugs to specific coding practices. They took these correlations between bugs and coding practices and came up with a set of rules that when used prevented coding errors from occurring. These standard practices offer incredible value to software development organizations because they are pre-packaged automated error prevention practices; they close the feedback loop between a bug and what must be done to prevent that bug from recurring.

In a team environment or group collaboration, best coding practices ensure the use of standards and uniform coding, reducing oversight errors and the time spent in code review. When work is outsourced to a third-party contractor, having a set of these best practices in place gives you the knowledge that the code produced by the contractor meets all the guidelines mandated by the client company.

It should be understood that these practices are not just a way to enforce naming conventions in your code.

Best coding practices gives you a way to analyze your source code so that certain rules and patterns can be detected automatically and that the knowledge obtained through previous years of experience by industry experts is implemented in an appropriate way.

With the foregoing in mind, here is a some base step of what is needed for a project that successfully utilizes 'Best Coding Practices':

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