47°11′56.36″N 38°50′42″E / 47.1989889°N 38.845°E / 47.1989889; 38.845

Beriev Aircraft Company
ТАНТК им. Г. М. Бериева
Type Division
Industry Aerospace and defense
Founded 1934
Headquarters HQ and production facilities at the South Taganrog Airport (Аэропорт Таганрог-Южный) - URRT, in the outskirts of Taganrog Taganrog
Key people Viktor A. Kobzev, General Director
Nikolay A. Lavro, Chief Designer
Products aircraft, primarily seaplanes
Parent United Aircraft Corporation

The Beriev Aircraft Company, formerly Beriev Design Bureau, is a Russian aircraft manufacturer (design office prefix Be), specializing in amphibious aircraft. The company was founded in Taganrog in the 1934 as OKB-49 by Georgy Mikhailovich Beriev (born February 13, 1903), and since that time has designed and produced more than 20 different models of aircraft for civilian and military purposes, as well as customized models. Today the Company employs some 3000 specialists and is developing and manufacturing amphibious aircraft.

Pilots flying Beriev seaplanes have broken 228 world aviation records. The records are registered and acknowledged by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. In November 1989 BERIEV Aircraft Company became the only defense industry enterprise to win the Prize for Quality awarded by the Government of Russia.

In mid-2002, Irkut raised its 40 percent holding in the Beriev Design Bureau to a controlling stake.

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